Why learn how to build websites?

  1. Because websites can help you in many ways.
  2.  You can build it for yourself and make your own online business
  3. You can build for others and get paid.

Build your own Online Empire - Go as BIG as you want to! Reach the whole world from your very own laptop.

Maybe you have never owned a house of your own. Maybe you never built a house before. Now you can build your own online virutal house and business premisesvirtually on the internet!

You see website Domain Names are like real estate, like an erf or stand or a plot or farm land in the physical world. Once you have registered a domain name in your personal name, no one can take that name from you. Its the same as having a title deed to a piece of land in the physical realm. The beauty of it is, that no one can steal or invade your land in cyber space however. Once its your’s its yours.

When you have registered a great domain name (your internet piece of “land” you can then build a great website on it. Building and erecting the website on your domain name, is like building on a piece of land in the physical world. You can build a house or an office complex or a mall or a farm  or whatever you want to, just like in the physical world, depending on the type of website your are building. And once your website is built, you invite customers to come, and after the customers start finding you, your client base will keep growing and growing as you give your clients great customer service.

The Beauty of Websites

The beauty of websites reallyis seen once its built.

  • A website is online 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, year after year, after year.
  • A website can serve customers every day of the week 24 hours a day.
  • Even while you sleep your website is working for you and making money for you.
  • Customers can find you online from anywhere in South Africa, or the world.
  • If you decide to target customers internationally (YES you can do it even while sitting in your home in Soweto) you can earn foreign currency, therefore you can earn dollars ($) or Euros or Pounds for instance. Just charge your customers in their local currency. The Rand is so weak against foreign currencies, that when you make a foreign sale, you can get 15 times more in Rand value! (current exchange rate: $1= R20)! So a small profit of $1,000 in website earnings will give you R20,000 in your back pocket!  NOW THAT MAKES SENSE!
  • This is so much better than having only one small shop at one place in the physical realm. Imagine people are liking your products in Europe and the USA or Australia and all of them buy from you from your very own website. WOW! That’s Amazing!
  • A website also, just like a skyscraper building in a big city, once its built, you can add on to it, you can renovated and upkeep it and also ask for rentals from tenants. That’s how cars.co.za make their money. They rent out advertising space on their website!
  • Another MAJOR advantage about  websites is that in many instances, you can build the website yourself. Unlike when you want to build a shopping mall in the physical world, you need to have hundreds of millions of Rands and hundreds of professional builders to build it, you can build most of the website yourself! If there is something you need that you cant do, you can hire a developer of buy a plugin for a few very cheap Rands and Build Massive Online Empire all by yourself! It’s simply Amazing!
  • When you have created a successful website platform you can also sell it to another buyer. That’s how Elon Musk started. He created www.Paypal.com, then sold it and got more than R3 Billion Rands for his share in it! CRAZY BUT TRUE!
  • Websites are infinitely scalable, unlike physical land. If you only have 300square meters of land to build something its going to be very small. But with websites its different – you can build a website as big as you can imagine it, there simply is not limits to what you can do with websites! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!!!

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