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Websites.Expert is a web Design agency in Pretoria. We expertly design websites for companies in Pretoria. If you have a website you would like to be designed by the experts, you have come to the right place. Lots of businesses are asking, Is there a web design company near me? And the answer is “Yes”. We are just a Zoom meeting away from you. Website Design Pretoria is our specialty.

If you want an in-person meeting to discuss your web design requirements that can be arranged as long as you are in the Pretoria area. But most of our web design work are done online in any case. Web designing in Pretoria is just an online meeting away.

We provide you with the best website building experience, and we are expert web designers for Pretoria clients. 

Whatever the size of your website, we can help you. Our Pretoria web design services include:

Expert Web Design

We provide expert web design services for your website

Web Designing

Website Designing by the Experts. Be the best you can be. Don't play with your online image
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Web Hosting

We provide expert web hosting services for FREE depending your requirements

Free web hosting

We provide free web hosting depending on your needs. It's difficult to beat that!
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Web Design Courses

We provide website design courses to teach you the skill of building expert websites yourself.

Web Design Courses

We provide website training courses to teach you how to build websites. Learn in just 3 days!
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Company Portfolio

We can create a professional company portfolio for you.

Company Portfolio

Let us create a company logo, letterhead, business plan for you.
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Domain Name Registration

We assist you to register the best possible domain for your company.

Domain name registration

We can register the domain name that will be the best fit for your brand and SEO strategy
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Our website designs tell stories familiar to Pretoria customers and fascinate the world at large.

Web hosting company in Pretoria

In addition to all our website services that we deliver to Pretoria area, we also provide free website hosting to any basic website hosted with us. Your site has a projected uptime of 99%. We also provide SEO services to make your website rank better on Google Search Rankings. We can provide analytics for your website, such as the amount of internet traffic your website generates, the amount of clicks you get, the key words you are ranking for on search engines, etc. etc. With Websites.Expert you simply cannot go wrong. 1st for Website Design Pretoria.

We are always looking for ways how we can improve our previous designs. We design websites for anyone, anywhere in the world, and provide website design in Pretoria. Imagine what we can do for you. Remember our web hosting for websites in Pretoria. are free for basic websites.