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Give a student purpose in life. Help them to start their own business, while you also benefit from their success! If you want to make a difference in a lot of people’s lives by sponsoring a small bursary, join us to bring support to the under-privileged students and previously disadvantaged students who cannot afford formal tertiary education.

Become a sponsor to educate a student with a lifetime skill to design, create and maintain websites.

A typical entrepreneurial student can earn between R3,000 to R6,000 a month from designing websites, if the student only makes 2 websites a month (excluding monthly hosting income extras). This is enough to feed even a few families.

Everything is moving towards a world-wide online society where business is transacted online.

Therefore, to have a computer background, mastering the basics of the internet environment can substantially strengthen someone’s ability to earn a sustainable income for a lifetime. The coronavirus pandemic clearly showed that one needs to be online if you want to survive in today’s trying times. The www.Websites.Expert Training Courses will empower students to have an unlimited income earning potential.

If you want to empower a student in need, please consider sponsoring a candidate for the basic short course. Have a look at the students looking for a sponsor in the listings below to find someone to help. You can even bring your own student that you feel to sponsor.

Your Reward as a Sponsor

You will automatically be enrolled into our referral commission structure and will get R1,000 for every additional student your sponsored student gets to enroll in the program. You can use the money as you like, take it for yourself or, maybe consider reinvesting it in the lives of other students and sponsoring more students!

Ready to sponsor a student: Please Contact Us

Please go to our Contact Us page with the student’s name and details that you want to sponsor and we will get them into the next available class.

Change a future father, mother and kid's future with your sponsorship.
Sponsor some of our aspiring students today.

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