Ever wondered what the secret is behind the richest people on earth today?

  • See our list below of a few of the richest people on earth today.
  • The all became super rich because of their involvements in websites.
  • Websites are one of the only tools on earth that you can start by yourself, reach the whole world from your bedroom/garage.
  • Websites can be scaled infinitely, in other words you you can make it as big as you want to.
  • You can also sell internationally and therefore earn DOLLARS. This is a huge benefit for people like us in South Africa where the Rand has now devaluated to R20 for $1. Just a mere $20 in sales will land you R2,000 in your pocket. Imagine now doing a mere sale of $1000, that will amount to R20,000. WOW, WHAT A DEAL!

And this is is really the Power that these Billionaires tapped into and they made it work for them. Now you can make it for for you too! The secret is out!


Billionaire: JEFF BEZOS
(Currently the richest man in the world)

Became a billionaire through his website www.Amazon.com. He started by selling books online.
Net worth: $116 Billion ( = R1,7 trillion!)


Billionaire: BILL GATES
(The previous richest man in the world)

He was the richest man in the world for nearly 22 years (1995-2017). He started by making Windows and a website browser. He was the founder of Microsoft and changed the world with websites.
Net worth: $107 Billion ( = R1,6 trillion!)


Billionaire: JACK MA

He founded the Alibaba.com with a few friends from college. He was not allowed to study at university, so he learnt how to make a website and created Alibaba.com, the worlds biggest trade portal. Recently, in ONE day they made $38,000,000,000 in sales. ($38 Billion which is about R570 billion Rand, in ONE day)!!!!

Jack Ma net worth today increased to $42 Billion ( R630 Million!)


Billionaire: ELON MUSK
(South African born Billionaire)

He made his fortune with the website Paypal.com. He trained to be an engineer, but changed his career to build websites. With the money he made with the sale of Paypal, he founded Tesla and SpaceX, and he is now one of the richest people on earth.

Elon Musk net worth: $35 Billion ( R535 Million!)


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