Alugalug Cat Song byThe Kiffness

Alugalug Cat – Enjoy the #1 Song by The Kiffness

Alugalug Cat Song Video by The Kiffness

What is the Alugalug Cat Song by the Kiffness?

The Alugulag Cat is a a song composed by The Kiffness in South Africa. The galugalug-alugalug gibberish is actually the wording of cat noises and it was then set to a riviting catchy tune that just stays with you the whole day. The Alugalug cat song has gone viral on Youtube and social media and it’s clear why.

This song is one of those creatives that you bump into once in a while that gets your attention and actually makes you to stop and completely take in what the artist performed.

It became such a hit that it got nearly 2 million views on youtube in just over 2 weeks, after it was launched on youtube on May 12, 2021.

Internationally it found traction and artists from all over the world came together and collaborated in an international symphonic mix which adds even more flavor to the cat song. Artists from Russia, Brazil, USA, Uk

Some of the comments on the youtube channel express the “funniness” factor of the phenomena:

Me all day: “Alugalugaluga aaaah-lugaluga.” 🎶 My husband thinks I’m insane, but my cats are kind of digging it. 
Saw this days back. Heading to work this morning it popped up on radio here in Sydney. Unexpected but the breakfast team that played it loved it so much, it was played in part twice

stole deliev

4 days ago

NASA should transmit this love masterpiece intergalactic

The Kiffness - Alugalug Cat (International Symphonic Mashup)

Alugalug Cat song lyrics

Find the Alugalug cat song Lyrics here:

“I am human, and you’re a cat

We’re making music, it’s a matter of fact

I hate to hear you, scream out in fear

But don’t you worry,

for I am here”

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