Better Converting Web Design Features

Being visible on the internet is what every company wants and needs. Google dominates the search engine market with more than 80% of all internet search traffic. So if you can rank well on google, you will have a winning website anytime, any day. Websites.Expert is committed to building better converting web design features into your website, to ensure it attracts the most visitors possible.

One of the ways to get people to like, share and click on your website is to always have fresh content that will attract people. There is nothing better than a viral video like the one above to get people to go to your website. 

How to insert a better converting web design feature into your website project

  1. Identify a viral media product that will WOW your audience and force people to share it. It should be irresistable
  2. Make it easy to share the link.
  3. Add the viral media on your website as a post.
  4. Share the post link on social media.
  5. See the people flock to your website.

A practical example of a web design feature that converts better

Have a look at the video above, the Alugalug Cat video. It racked up nearly 2 million  Youtube views in just over 2 weeks. This is crazy. A million views a week. Now if you can get something as viral as this on your website and market it, its sure that other people will check it out too and also are likely to share it with their friends. In the mean time your website gets a lot of free traffic and also your brand awareness grows.