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Example of Sponsor ME Listing

Example of a Sponsor ME listing: Thuli Sebola (Student no 345)

Hi, my name is Thuli Sebola. 

I stay in Tembisa. 

I am 23 years old.

I really would like to join the Websites Expert course as I don’t have a job and don’t have an education. I just cannot afford an education right now.

If you can sponsor me, I will make a success of the course and I commit to get at least 5 more students to enroll so I can give you your investment in my future back. 

I am a hard worker and willing and able to learn!

I know how to use a computer and I know how to use google search. I have a Facebook page this is my Facebook page url:

Your small investment of R4,999 in my life will give me a future and an income stream for life, so I can be a productive citizen of South Africa. 

I love Information Technology (IT) and I really can see myself in an IT career as a website designer. 

I have lots of time and if you will sponsor me, I can even build a website for you for free after I finished the course!

I am a single mother with a 2 year old daughter. If I can learn how to make websites, I can be able to support myself and not look to government for grants anymore.

Thank you for considering me. I love you!

(Even if you don’t sponsor me, please share this page on facebook with your friends, who knows, someone else might just be able to sponsor ME!)

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