how to write a company profile

How to write a company profile

How to write a company profile

A company profile, whether it’s online or on paper, can help sell your business and boost brand awareness. That said, it’s often something that many companies fail to do correctly.

So, if you’re looking for a simple way to create your company profile, look no further! Here we will walk you through six simple steps with examples.

Number 1. Identify the purpose of your company profile.

When looking at how to write a company profile, your company profile will vary depending on its use. For example, many businesses like to have a profile that details the history of the company and its goals or missions.

Let’s take a look at the website, CareerAddict as an example. The ‘About‘ page provides their readers with information on how they started and what they can offer them.

Number 2. How to write a company profile: Choose a style.

Depending on the information that you are presenting, you are going to want to choose a presentation style for your profile and stick to it throughout. The theme you choose is very important as it will influence all the design elements of your company profile.

For example, if you are writing a business profile, you might want to use graphs and charts To show figures and statistics. Or if you are an online resource like Webites.Expert, then you can stick to your brand guidelines and maintain a transparent style across your site.

Number 3. Tell a story in your company profile.

The point of your company profile is to encourage people to pay attention to your business, so use this space to create an interesting story. You can provide details on how your business began and how it has expanded over the years along with information on what you have achieved over that period of time.

Number 4. Outline your mission statement.

If you don’t already have a mission statement, then now it’s the time to create one. Think about what the main purpose of your business is and how you will deliver this to your customers.

For example, the mission of Websites.Expert is to be a one-stop website and training centre where you can find information related to getting websites built and also be trained to build websites yourself.

Number 5. List your information in chronological order.

To ensure the information is easy to digest, you should list everything in chronological order, whether it’s through paragraph format, or a timeline.

You can also include key milestones that your company reached, awards that you’ve won or testimonials from trusted brands.

Number 6. Make it personal.

Give an insight behind the brand, to make it personal and boost awareness. As you can see on CareerAddict, they list their team members along with a short bio of their job roles and work history. That way, when people visit their site, they can put a face to a name and receive a more personal experience.

Once your company profile is done, be sure to keep it updated and current.It’s easier to do this on a quarterly or yearly basis to ensure nothing important is left out.

8 Simple steps to write a Company Profile

Eight Expert steps to write a business profile

Do you know what is the main purpose of writing a company profile? A company profile, also known as a business profile, is a kind of resume for your company. Here you can list all the basic things, skills and company details which gives you a chance to highlight your company strengths.

As the Website Experts we are sharing the exact eight steps you need to follow to write a company profile for your small business.


1. Put your basic information first

Readers need to know who they’re looking at before you get into the specifics. It will also demonstrate how organized and efficient you are.

2. Talk about your company’s ideas.

If you have a mission statement put it here, otherwise write out your company vision guiding your company’s ethics and a little about your history.

3. Find out more specific details

Check with your secretarial or Human Resource staff to find out up-to-date details in several areas of your company. As an example, the number of employees, turnover, list of all business activities, what are all the areas you work in, unique equipment or specialties, certifications, imports, exports your methodology and/or what software you use, volume of output you can handle, delivery stats, major accounts or clients.

4. Study other business profiles

Look first at competitors and other companies in the same type of business note the style and tone of the ones that stand out. Always benchmark yourself with the industry best practice.

5. Use accurate and up-to-date details

Before you sit down to write the company profile, make sure that you have the most recent numbers you can find.

6. Keep it short

Most times you want people to read your company profile as potential customers make sure they read all the way through by keeping it short and engaging.

7. Use clean formatting 

Pick a format that has lines and standard fonts to visually organize your company’s profile. This is another way to ensure that the profile is easy to read.

8. Mention why your company is the best

This is a kind of advertisement for your business, so don’t be afraid to talk about your strengths. Experts always need to explain why they are in fact experts, so make sure your past successes achieved are all listed and written into your company profile!


You can also contact us at Websites.Expert if you want us to design your company profile or update your old one. We can do it as part of building your website for you. Maybe you already have a website and just need a company profile, we can turn your website into a company profile for you. Contact the website experts today!

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